Unable to cope with the misery, I finally got the air conditioner in my car fixed.  In good time, too, because I’m scheduled to have my next dentist appointment this coming Friday.  Hopefully it’ll go better than last year’s escapade:

9:25- I leave my house for a 10:45 appointment in Stonybrook. (Why do I drive for hours to go to  a dentist in Stonybrook?  Because I’m insane, naturally.  The irony is that the dentist actually lives a block away from my house, so really he’s the one who is insane for working in Stonybrook.)
The air conditioner has been broken ever since I got in an accident a year earlier and the repair company failed to fix it with the other damage (which I didn’t notice at the time because the accident happened in November).  So I drive with the windows down.  Unfortunately, it’s 90 degrees, so this is still uncomfortably schmoiling.
10:45- Unable to get in touch with either of my parents and certain that I have been driving down the same street for too long, I pull into a PC Richards to ask for directions.  Two women in there start telling me:
“Honey, you are far…. that’s at least a good half hour a way!”
“Yeah, you’re going to make a right and take this road, and it’s going to feel like it goes on forever and that you’re never going to make it back to civilization!  But don’t worry, eventually you’ll see people again.”

I walk out of the store and burst into tears.  I get into my car to find a bumblebee crawling around on my seat (probably flew in from the open windows).  I cry harder.  (Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to get hysterical when you are boiling hot?)

10:50- The dentist’s secretary calls to find out where I am.  The conversation goes something like this:

Secretary: Are you coming?
Me: I’m trying.  I’m just a little… completely and utterly lost. sobbing
Her: Ok… well, do you think you can make it here by 11:30?
Me: “I hope so… it would help if I knew where I was going.”
She puts the dentist on to help me out, and I start explaining where I think I am.
Him: “Wait, where are you?  I can’t even find this on the map!”
Me:  thinking: I don’t know!  If I knew where I was, I wouldn’t be lost!
saying: Ok, (deep breath) I’m on Rock Hall Road, heading     North, I think.  I think I went too far East.”
Him: “Oh, I found you!  Whoa… how on earth did you get way out there?!  Why, you’re a good half hour away!”
Me: thinking: Tell me about it!

11:20- Hot and miserable, I finally make it to the dentist, and, thank G-d and Dr. Reichman, they take me.

11:50- The bumblebee dies of heat stroke.

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