Bal, Mieke. “The Point of Narratology.” Poetics Today 11.4 (1990): 727-753. Print.

My contention in this paper — or my desire, one could argue– then, is that narratology is flourishing, but less within the study of narrative texts than in other disciplines- and that this is as it must be, as far as I am concerned.

Simerka, Barbara and Christopher B. Weimer. “Duplicitous Diegesis: Don Quixote and Charlie

Kaufman’s Adaptation.” Hispania 88.1 (2005): 91-100 Print.

We aim to read this seventeenth-century Spanish novel (Don Quixote) and this twenty-first-century American film as exemplary products of their respective moments in time, as works of popular entertainment in which there can be discerned homologies deriving from fundamental parallels between the early modern and postmodern eras.

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